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4 10, 2018

Does size really matter?


It’s the question we all ask at some point in our lives – does size really matter? Everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks theirs is right. For me, size totally matters, if your social media images aren’t in the right dimensions you could be massively reducing your engagement levels… So, now you’ve picked [...]

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27 09, 2018

Client survey feedback – it’s good for your ears, your soul and your business plan


Every year we do a client survey – one of those jobs it’s easy to put on the back burner or forget about. To put it simply – make sure you don’t! We get client feedback all the time – whether that is anecdotal whilst ‘on the job’, more formally in client review meetings, [...]

Client survey feedback – it’s good for your ears, your soul and your business plan2018-10-04T13:46:57+00:00
21 09, 2018

Animating the future proves just the job for UEFA


Warning: this is a blog about animation, not football. Just thought we’d better get that out of the way first. The new UEFA Nations League generated an impressive mix of confusion, apathy and shrugs all round when it was first announced, so the UEFA comms team have no doubt had their work cut out [...]

Animating the future proves just the job for UEFA2018-10-03T21:14:37+00:00
20 09, 2018

DTW MD Chris Taylor re-appointed to CIPR Council


Hi - Chris here - I've just been appointed to the council of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (no election needed this year). The CIPR is an important body that leads the PR profession, not just in the UK but across the globe. A copy of my CIPR candidate statement is below. All comments and [...]

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17 09, 2018

Colourful fund-raising for Teesside Hospice


Chris and Lorna decided to take a colourful approach to fund-raising this weekend. They were each joined by their daughters to raise money for Teesside Hospice as part of its annual 5K Colour Run in Stewart Park in Middlesbrough on Sunday morning. As you can tell from the photos it was a quiet, uneventful day [...]

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5 09, 2018

Northern Spire opening hits the heights


Last week was quite a week for team DTW, and a career highlight for me, personally. After three amazing years of working with Sunderland City Council and contractor Farrans Victor Buyck Joint Venture on the city’s new impressive cable stayed bridge, Northern Spire finally opened to traffic. Our role throughout had been to use [...]

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